Saturday, 25 June 2011

While my previous polaroid experiments were quite
interesting, I didn't really feel there was anywhere I
could take them.
So, this led me to try out the "emulsion lift/transfer"
process. Although most of the stuff I read about it
either recommended using specific film (669) or 35mm
slide film. Freshly processed film was also recommended..
However I couldn't see why it wouldn't work with standard
600 film processed a few years ago, and besides I don't have
any fresh film to use.
When I was applying the emulsion image to the watercolour paper,
I was trying to pull bits apart and alter the image in different ways.
This was at odds with the examples I had seen, where the images
had obviously been carefully transferred so as to keep them as
intact and as recognisable as possible.
Anyway I'm pretty pleased with the results, and I have more

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