Friday, 10 June 2011

For one reason or another (me being lazy) it's been
quite a while since I actually posted anything...
But now I have two good reasons to.
Number 1: I have new work
Number 2: I'm involved in an exciting upcoming
project/performance/exhibition taking place in Soho.

Firstly the exhibition.
It is called Come Cut and is a performance/exhibition of
sorts, that gives anyone and everyone the chance to alter a
piece of artwork from an artist (4 or 5 currently) via a carefully,
or not so carefully made cut/incision.
The concept firstly (and most obviously) alludes to the current
funding cuts being made across the arts. However it also tackles
the notion of the perceived aura around a piece of art. Something
that may have taken its creator weeks, if not months, to create.
How will an individual react when given free reign to slice apart a
canvas, photograph or sculpture?
Overall I think it's a pretty unique idea that has both elements of fun
and spontaneity, but also an underlying message. Below is a link with
all the information regarding booking your slot to cut, a Facebook link
to RSVP and directions to the location.

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