Friday, 28 May 2010

This was a photo/sculpture piece that was a piece of
development for the gasometer project. By printing
out near macro details from photographs I had taken of
various parts of gasometers, but in a strip format, and
then arranging them in a fashion reminiscent of the
complex lattice work of a gasometer, I hoped to create
something that was able to work on a few levels.

In person, the depth created by the varying perspectives
of the photographic prints, and the three dimensional
arrangement works well. It is something that I will
hopefully be displaying in a gallery type context at uni,
and a method that I would like to explore a bit more and
on a larger, more complex scale.

It's been a busy last few weeks so I havn't posted anything for a
month or so...
Now that everything is wrapped up at uni, more or less, I plan to
make my updates a bit more regular!
After showing the completed gasometer painting at the Kingston
show, I ended up deciding to work back into it and go about "unpainting"
it in a way. It ended up taking longer than I expected, but I also ended up
discovering a few new methods and ultimately realising that producing a good
painting, with the depth that I want, takes time...
The last of the five photos here is the finished piece. In person it feels much more
subtle and has alot of nice details that show through from the old version.