Friday, 10 June 2011

This is one of two new large 2 part pieces.
After first trying out this technique for the exhibition at
the end of my Brighton residency, I decided to re-explore it.
It involves cutting a multi-part stencil which is then laid over
sections of vintage FB photographic paper. After a few days
the nature of the paper being light sensitive means that the area
covered by the stencil has not had a chance to expose, thus leaving
a ghost like copy of the stencil behind.
When I did this for the Brighton exhibition, it was with the intention of
allowing the image to fade over a number of days. However I wanted
to find a way of preserving the image by stopping the the paper exposing.
I thought it might take a bit of trial and error with different methods, but
it turns out that using chemical darkroom fixer and properly washing the
paper afterwards preserves the image perfectly.
I plan to keep working on this method, altering the way I fix the paper,
trying different papers and working on larger/more complex imagery.
Images to follow.

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